Rising Out Of The Pandemic, Lessons On Tenacity and Passion With Emma Lovell from CoziGo

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to push through when every step you take is not working, or that you feel like you keep hitting a brick wall, then this episode is for you.

Today I have a hilarious conversation with Emma Lovell from CoziGo, an innovative plane bassinet and stroller cover, about how she managed to keep going not only through those early difficult years (hello manufacturing demons!) but also through her most challenging period, when travel dramatically stopped. 

Despite losing her market overnight, Emma has pulled through and relaunched and is now growing again at a rapid rate. 

“… It’s not what goes wrong, it’s how you fix it.”  Emma Lovell

Having the tenacity and the energy and the confidence to keep going through all this is a truly remarkable story that I can’t wait to share with you.

Listen as Emma shares her journey of creating and growing CoziGo and how she thrives in an ever changing world. 

Listen now or watch below.

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Rising Out Of The Pandemic, Lessons On Tenacity and Passion With Emma Lovell from CoziGo