How to run a successful End of Financial Year Sale

As we rapidly approach the end of the financial year, you may be considering running a clearance or flash sale (the good old EOFYS!).

EOFYS can be a great tool to reduce stock (especially before the dreaded stocktake) and to increase sales.

This year, with the increased cost of living and the increased cost of advertising during a peak period it may have you tossing up whether to go ahead with a sale or not.

However, with consumers pulling their belts in a bit on spending, I think our customers will actually be waiting for the sales this year, to get increased value and more bang for their buck.  

So if you’ve been weathering a period of low sales revenue, I would encourage you to run a sale at this time of year.

But, it needs to be done strategically, and aligned with your brand and own goals. No slapping together a random fire sale over here thank you!

In todays’ episode I’ll talk you through the pros and cons of running a End of Financial Year Sale plus my top 4 tips on how to make it your most successful yet!

Listen now to start planning your End of Financial Year Sale and get it ready for killer results!

Listen now, or watch below.

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