Creating your marketing plan

Recently I’ve been speaking with a few eCommerce brand owners about how tough they’re finding it to generate traffic and sales consistently right now. 

Between the drop in consumer confidence during the lead up to the federal election we’ve finally just had, the increase in our cost of living, a school holidays with two long weekends in a row, seeing sales lower than usual has been a bit of a common experience.

But what is also happening is – business owners adopting the mindset that customers just aren’t spending at all and that the only way to get through is to deep discount and cut all spending to ride things out as lean as possible. 

So what to do instead?

Remember what it was like before the Covid-induced boom of 2020-21?

We typically had to be creative and strategic with our marketing. To engage and communicate with our customers so that when it comes to making a purchase, we’re the brand that is top of mind.

And that’s the mindset we need to get back into! 

Doing the kind of marketing that really gives customers a reason to buy. 

So if you’re ready to readjust and create the type of marketing that will propel your business forward while other businesses continue to panic then this episode is for you. 

Listen now to start planning your promotional calender to help crush your goals for the rest of 2022!

Listen now, or watch below.

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