Transcript for Growing Your Business During A Recession

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, there’s no secret right now that Australia is heading into a more challenging economic climate than we’ve experienced in some time.

And we’re all probably feeling it one way or another, sales don’t seem to be as easy as they were during the ecommerce boom of the past two years.

And with all of this happening, and with all of your business and personal costs increasing, I know there is a lot of fear around what might happen next. Many of you are fearful of how you’ll manage to survive in business in this sort of climate.

You might be tempted to think there isn’t much you CAN do to changed your circumstances in the conditions we’re in right now. But even though there are many things you can’t control there are many things you do have control over. Starting with how you choose to respond to this situation. And remember, some of the most iconic brands today started during the last recession!

“…a recession can actually be a great time to start or grow your own business!”

So I wanted to create an episode for you to give you some strategies and ideas to manage your business and hopefully thrive even as the economy may struggle in the coming months.

Let’s go over 8 Tips To Growing Your Store In A Recession (When You Want To Thrive, Not Just Survive…)

Listen now, or watch below.

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