This week’s episode was recorded as the COVID-19 pandemic crisis has continued to heighten. State and national borders have been closed, shops are shut and we’re all bunkering down at home.

Yet my eCommerce clients are experiencing their best ever weeks in sales revenue! 

Why is this? 

Well here’s the silver lining… 

#1 – just because the shops have closed, doesn’t mean that consumers have stopped shopping for essentials (or retail therapy). 

#2 – customers are spending far more time online, especially on social media.

#3 – my clients have absolutely nailed their Facebook ad strategy!

Today on the podcast, I’m joined by Diana Swadling, founder of Milkbar Breastpumps. 

Listen as she shares some details about the marketing that’s working right now to drive traffic and sales in her online store.

In fact, she describes how Facebook advertising is THE most profitable traffic source in her business! 

I know it can feel risky to spend money on marketing right now. 

But if you were able to spend $1 and get $8 or $10 back in sales revenue, you’d probably go for it, right?

Because that’s what’s happening in eCommerce right now!

Listen now.

Or click here to view the full Case Study of the exact Facebook Ad strategy we used for Milkbar Breastpumps.

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