How to minimise stress and fatigue

How are you feeling right now?

If you’re, like me, a Mum and a business owner, then I have a good idea of how you’re feeling…

On top of the last two years of a pandemic, I’m seeing people struggling with business operations such as supply chain issues, fulfillment delays, price increases across the board… And that’s on top of wearing ALL the hats in our business and as the boss, wearing the stress of ‘will this work’. 

I’ll bet you often feel stressed out. Totally overwhelmed by your to-do list and the million different demands on your time. “Make time for yourself,” they say. Pfft. As if!

And “tired” doesn’t even begin to poke a stick at how exhausted you are. All. The. Time.

But as a business owner for over 15 years, this is certainly not the first time I’ve felt this way. In fact, I’ve come to a point in my business life where I’ve learned a thing or two on how to manage the feelings of overwhelm and how to focus my mind on what is really important.

“Business is a marathon, not a sprint”

In this episode I will share with you the number one reason I see time and again for the cause of stress and fatigue being experienced right now.

I will also share my personal top 5 tips to minimise the feeling of overwhelm and stress and to find a way to a more calm, more productive and more accepting life as a business owner. 

Listen today to find out how you can minimise stress and fatigue in your life and business.

Listen now.

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