The Power Of Incentives - When & How To Use Them

Discounts and incentives. Some businesses love them –  we all know the brands that seem to be constantly on sale (looking at you ‘closing down’ rug store!). 

And some businesses hate discounts and will rarely offer them for the fear of training their audience to expect constant sales or lowering the perceived value of their business. 

But this is where I want to talk to you today to dispel some of the myths around discounting and to show you how you can offer your customers real value while building your brand awareness at the same time. And of course, increase your sales!

In this episode I will share with you:

  • Why it’s important to incorporate offers into your marketing campaigns
  • How to differentiate your offers from ‘discounts’ and provide real value
  • When to offer incentives and the importance of targeted offers
  • The different types of incentives you can use in your business
  • My top tips for success for any incentive campaign

Listen now to find out how you can use the power of incentives to drive traffic, sales and brand awareness.

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The Power Of Incentives - When & How To Use Them