How to Market Your Business During Difficult Times

I’m super excited to bring you today’s episode, which is essentially all about what you can be doing in your business right now so that you can not just survive, but thrive, no matter what crazy things are going on in the world right now. 

Spending money on marketing and investing in growth for your business is pretty easy when times are good and we’re riding the economic gravy train. 

But what happens when it feels like the world is closing in and people are looking at how to cut costs or are focused on other devastating events?

Today I’ll share with you what I’m seeing business owners doing right now and how you can be smart when reviewing your goals and knowing what to do so your business can thrive and not shrink during these difficult times. 

We’ll discuss:

  • The two distinct trends we’re noticing with businesses right now when it comes to marketing and spending
  • Three actions NOT to do during these times
  • How to consider what business tactics will work best for your brand
  • What strategies you can implement right now to boost sales and keep your brand relevant and front of mind.

Listen now to find out what marketing strategies you can implement during any difficult time and feel confident at the same time.

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