Podcast How To Manage A Fast Growing Business

Today on the show, I’m joined by Michelle Smith, founder of Curated with Conscience, which is a beautiful gift hamper business that exists to have a positive impact on the environment and sustainability.

Michelle’s business has grown quite rapidly over the last couple of years in particular, and whilst it’s easy to think that more revenue fixes all problems, that’s not the case at all. Fast growth brings with it a whole set of challenges, and what I love about this conversation with Michelle is that she doesn’t shy away from sharing those challenges and how she’s moving past them.

I also love how Michelle has grown this business while still sticking to her values and keeping her social impact goal front and centre. 

Consumers and corporations are much more intentional about how and where they spend their money and want to spend in a way that drives positive change in the world and on the environment.

So as small business owners, we definitely do not need to compromise on those beliefs in order to grow a significant or profitable business.

I’m really excited for Michelle to share her story and to impart some of her experience and wisdom learned through her experience to date, and I think you’re gonna love this conversation!

Listen now to hear Michelle’s inspiring story about staying true to her values and managing a fast growing business!

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