Secrets To Avoid Building A Boring Brand

Have you ever been stuck at a party talking to the most boring person in the room?

And by boring I mean they either don’t talk at all OR all they do is talk about themselves! Equally bad right?

But what if it’s a business that is boring? 

And trust me, there are plenty! If you came across a business whose messaging was either super bland or talking only about themselves… I’m pretty sure you’d be doing the equivalent of looking for the nearest exit AKA searching for the X close button!

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk you through strategies on how NOT to be boring and to instead thrill your customers so that they actually want to STAY and talk with (buy from) you! 

Don’t want to build a boring business? Listen today to find out how to stand out from the crowd!

Next, be sure to head to our Rockstar Productpreneur community to ask your #askcatherine questions! I can’t wait to hear them.

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Secrets To Avoid Building A Boring Brand