Right now, as I record this episode, it feels like every minute there is a new piece of news or a new announcement or a new rule or shutdown in relation to Covid-19. 

It feels like at least a month ago that I recorded my episode about how to survive in business during a recession, yet it was only two weeks.

We’re living through unprecedented times now. Beyond the fact that there hasn’t been a pandemic of this size and scope in living memory, the efforts to contain it are wreaking havoc on our economy. 

As tempting as it might be to panic, the best thing to do now is plan for the crisis and keep moving forward, because it’s not as impossible as it seems, and the alternative is giving up. 

But how do you plan when nobody even knows what tomorrow will look like? You may well ask. 

Well, that turns out to be something we do have some experience with. If you were running a business during 9/11, or the 2008 financial crisis, as I was, you know how rapidly situations can change: head-spinningly so. 

You’ll also know for a fact that: this too will pass. 

We will need to be proactive in order to survive, which is what we’re going to talk about in today’s Podcast episode.

So let’s draw from the lessons we learned during those past calamities. And I want to focus on four main areas: stay calm, cut costs, keep marketing and innovate.

Listen now as I share some strategies you can implement right now, to survive this Coron-economy, and put yourself in the best position to thrive later!

Listen now.

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