How To Future Proof Your Ecommerce Store in 2022

Today on the show, we are going to be diving into all the dos and don’ts when it comes to testing your social media advertising campaigns. 

We all know how effective a well-run Facebook and Instagram ad campaign can be in regards to driving business growth, traffic, and sales growth for your online store. 

But getting to the point of having a successful campaign can be stressful and frustrating at times. Nerve-racking, as you may wonder if the money you’re spending will actually pay off.

So how do you create an ad campaign that works? The answer:

Testing and Optimising

In this episode Rich and I discuss:

  • The difference between testing and optimising your ads; and
  • Why you need to do both!
  • What you should be testing and for how long;
  • The importance of audience-driven testing;
  • Why a strategy for one brand works but not for another;
  • How to determine what’s working and what isn’t;
  • When should you test (and when to stop);
  • What NOT to do when testing or optimising your ads;
  • And so many other great tips to consider on your advertising journey. 

Listen as we share why it’s so important to test your advertising campaigns and how to capitalise on the process – with less stress and faster results! 

Listen now.

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How to Test Your Facebook Ads With Less Stress And Faster Results