If you’ve been a listener of mine for any period of time you would know how much I value email marketing! 

Building your email list and interacting with your customers through engaging and relevant content is one of the major steps in scaling up an ecommerce business. Plus it’s the one platform where you OWN your customer list and you don’t have to rely on corporations or algorithms to get your message to the right people. 

But so many business owners are not using this powerful marketing tool properly!

Recently I had the pleasure of digging into my client’s email marketing dashboards (oh yes, I completely nerd out on email flows!) and discovered some key details that are often missed  – that when fixed can mean some significant (and easy!)  sales coming in.

Whether you are new to building an email marketing campaign or if you’ve historically achieved major sales through email but feel that they’re starting to stagnate then you’ll definitely want to listen to today’s episode. 

In this episode I discuss:

  • Why email marketing is so important to eCommerce
  • How to use email marketing in your campaigns
  • The process I go through when auditing clients email platforms
  • The holes to look out for in your marketing and how to fix them 
  • How to maximise your email automation and campaigns
  • What to actually include in your emails to bring in sales!

Listen as I walk you through the process I use to audit my clients email marketing and fixes that I recommend to maximise sales with your email list!

Listen now.

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