Starting A Business In 2022

When my 15-year-old son came to me with an idea for a new product that he wanted to turn into a business… well it got me excited! AND it got me thinking.

With people turning to self-employment more than ever due to the past two years of upheaval and searching to find more fulfilment in their lives, I’ve seen so many exciting new products come to the market. But I’ve also seen a lot of products that never really made the mark or get anywhere in terms of sales.

It’s either a case of a great product idea with very little or the wrong type of marketing in place OR a poor product idea that requires an enormous amount of marketing but still, no one buys. 

So when my son Hamish came to me with his new product idea I automatically started to run it through my evaluation process:

Is there a need for this product and will people buy it?

Is it scaleable? 

How can the product be promoted?

Oh, I was in my element! 

So I thought it would be a great process to share with you, how I evaluated Hamish’s new product idea and applied it against my criteria to determine if it was worth pursuing. 

And then look at how to market a new product and business in 2022. 

Listen as I evaluate a new product idea to discover its potential and share how I would apply marketing techniques in 2022. 

Listen now.

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