Mindset and Resilience: How to Reframe 2021 And Plan Ahead In 2022

Today on the show, I welcome back my friend and High Performance Mindset Coach – Ben Elliott – to have another chat about managing our mindset through challenging times.

Because – frankly – 2021 hasn’t been an easy year for most. I think it’s fair to say, it’s challenged all of us in many and varied ways. 

And I’ve been noticing and hearing from so many of you, that you’re feeling utterly exhausted and over it, on the verge of burnout – if not actually experiencing burnout – and now also questioning how on earth you could possibly plan ahead for 2022. Even mustering the energy to think about a plan for next year has many people running and hiding right now. 

So are there ways to move through these feelings? To get our mojo back a bit and feel less overwhelmed by the situations we find ourselves in? 

Ben always has practical advice about this stuff, which is why I really wanted to get his take on it and be able to share this with you all. 

This is the episode to share with all your business friends, to everyone who’s just waiting to get to the end of the year, who’s struggling with exhaustion and burnout. 

Listen as Mindset Coach Ben Elliott talks us through how to reframe the year that was and to plan our best year in 2022, no matter what is thrown at us!

Listen now.

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Mindset and Resilience: How to Reframe 2021 And Plan Ahead In 2022