Want to learn a really easy-to-implement eCommerce productivity hack that’ll save you hours each week?

Having contact details on your eCommerce website that are easily accessible for your customers is crucial to building trust right?

We all know how much safer we feel buying from a brand that we can contact directly by email, and a phone number is even better.

It means that if we have a question once we purchase a product or a problem, we know we can reach out and get in touch for assistance.

BUT, once your customers have your phone number it’s easy for them to call you with all sorts of simple questions that can easily be found on your FAQ page (if you have one!).

Even answering simple emails daily takes time, time you could be spending doing way more important things.

Find out this one easy trick guaranteed to save you hours each week!

One Easy Trick Guaranteed To Save You Hours Each Week

As a business owner it’s really easy to get bogged down with the day to day running of your business, so if you want more time to work ON your business to scale, you’re going to need to preserve your time as much as possible for the big tasks.

Add your most common FAQ’s to your Contact Us page

One easy way you can save yourself heaps of time is to have a short FAQ at the top of your Contact Us page that customers need to read through before they get your contact details, smart huh?

I’d recommend you include some of the following questions if they’re relevant for your business:

  • When will my order be shipped?
  • Can I use a PO Box for delivery?
  • Can I have my order shipped express?
  • Can I pick up from your warehouse?
  • My parcel hasn’t arrived yet?
  • An item I need is out of stock?

One Easy Trick Guaranteed To Save You Hours Each WeekAnd if you’re smart, you’ll keep track of any other annoying little questions people ring you up or email asking and add these too.

Keep your answers short and sweet so it’s not too much to read.

After your FAQs you could say something like:

I have read the FAQs and still have a question…..

Add in your contact details and that’s it!

I’d love to know if you do this and find it helps! It won’t take long to implement and could save you heaps of time.

Comment below to let me know!