Want To Steal My Top 5 Growth Tools To Scale Your Shopify Store?

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YES! I Want To Scale My Shopify Store!

Growing a Shopify store is hard. We make it easier for you.

We’ve helped hundreds of Shopify store owners to unlock massive growth in their businesses while freeing up more time to do what they love.

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  • The "6-Steps to eCommerce Traffic & Sales Formula" strategy map - our best-in-class email strategy to automate your emails and instantly increase sales.
  • The 5-Step eCommerce Marketing Planning Guide - take the thinking out of your marketing and learn how to plan like a pro.
  • My Magic Metrics Calculator - a KPI and revenue calculator so you can easily make projections and get clear on your goals.
  • The Customer Lifetime Value Calculator - a tool to help you calculate the profitability of your paid traffic and ad spend required to reach your goals.
  • Performance Metrics Tracker - a results dashboard showing you exactly what's working and what's not as you progress towards your goals.

“The most valuable thing I've learned that's helped me grow my business!"

- Lisa Munro, Happy Tummies

About Catherine...

Catherine Langman brings together her extensive professional experience in digital agencies, working with clients including Coca Cola, Blackmores and RMK Shoes, as well as many other less well known brands, along with her experience as a successful “Productpreneur”.  

In 2007, inspired by the birth of her first son, Catherine launched her first business Cushie Tushies, designing and manufacturing her own range of eco-friendly baby products. Catherine grew this brand from the dining room table into an smash hit success, selling through her own eCommerce store, via retailers nationally and distributed in many international locations.  

After selling her business in 2014, Catherine has helped many other eCommerce retailers to experience massive growth (double, triple, quadruple and sometimes even more!) in their own businesses.


Steal My Top 5 Shopify Growth Tools & Resources

Guaranteed to lead to MASSIVE growth while SAVING YOU time & overwhelm

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