Did you know: on average, email marketing accounts for 25% of eCommerce sales!

And done right – it can be up to 30-35%, with a good proportion of that revenue generated on autopilot!

But… it is a universal truth that you will find either frustrating or comforting: everyone begins at the start line.

Even if you don’t have thousands of subscribers, please don’t let it stop you from knocking out some killer email marketing campaigns! Just sending out the right ones will put you leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.

Here’s how can you profit from email marketing – even if you have a small email list!

Why email marketing?

One of the biggest differences between eCommerce businesses that succeed and grow quickly and those that don’t, is that the successful ones focus on building up a solid email list.

This is even more so in 2021, post-Apple-iOS update. Building and using an email list puts you in the drivers’ seat of your business.

Why? Because your email list is ‘first party data’. You own your list and you can use the data within it to drive your marketing across channels.

Using a platform like Klaviyo, you can unlock your brand’s full potential by turning your ecommerce data into revenue with personalised multi-channel marketing campaigns. Being able to create personalised experiences and personalised communications with your customers increases your ROI enormously.

Tip #1: Build Your Email List

It’s super important to remember that very few people buy the first time they visit a new online store. This is why we MUST make the effort to grow our email list, so that you can continue the conversation with your website visitors after they leave your site.

To grow your sales using email marketing – first of all you gotta build your email list!

Entice people to subscribe using an incentive like a small discount, a free gift with purchase offer, a quiz or free shipping coupon.

Here’s another blog I wrote about one fantastic list-building strategy – how to run a giveaway on social media.

Tip #2: The New Subscriber Sequence

The #1 job of this sequence is to convert the first sale from a new customer.

To achieve this, send an automated series of emails to anyone who signs up to your email list. Hint: do not just send one email! The money is always in the follow-up.

Here, you introduce your business and your brand, you establish what sets you apart from other businesses and the problems that you solve for your potential customers via your products.

AND you make them an offer they can’t refuse to buy!

In fact, with automated email marketing – you can generate up to 1300% more revenue per subscriber! 

You can read more about that in this blog I wrote.

Tip #3: Craft Quality Subject Lines

Think about how many emails people tend to get into their inbox these days. Most of them probably don’t even get opened, right?

(I know this is often the excuse why people don’t send marketing emails in the first place…)

So your biggest focus is to create subject lines that make the recipient click and open it to find out more.

You can have the most brilliant content in the world, but if you can’t make people open your email in the first place, you might as well be sending out a blank page. And the subject line is directly responsible for increasing your open rates!

Tip #4: The Abandoned Cart Sequence

When a potential customer adds to their cart, then leaves for some reason, you gotta chase that sale!

Perhaps they became distracted or perhaps there was a reason why they suddenly left (postage costs is a common one!)

Whatever the reason, on average 70% of your shoppers will abandon their shopping cart.

So having this email series set up to deliver dramatically increases your sales conversions. In fact, you can reclaim an average of 10% of lost orders!

Tip #4: The Post-Purchase Sequence

Congratulations! You got them over the line and made the sale!

Don’t up and leave them now though – you want to turn that one-time buyer into a repeat customer.

Loyalty = profit. So once they have received your product and all is well you can start nurturing them into their next purchase.

One good experience with your brand is great, but two good experiences is worth more than gold for your biz.

I talk about this as well in my blog about Automating your New & Repeat Customers.

Tip #5: Email Marketing For Product Launches

Want to know what is the biggest mistake I see people make with product launches and promotions? They only email their list once! Big mistake.

Just take one look at your own inbox. It’s probably pretty full right? I know I see barely a fraction of emails that I receive.

If a brand I love only sent one email to me, I’d likely miss it. And then I’d be pissed.

Instead you gotta make a big song and dance about your new products or big promotions, by sending a series of emails.

Tip #6: Consistent Newsletter Emails

Once you’ve attracted the right people onto your email list, and hopefully converted the first and second sale using your automated email sequences.

Then, you want to keep that customer coming back for more, again and again.

One of THE most effective ways to do this is with your regular email newsletter.

The key word here is “regular”. That means consistency!

Let me show you what can happen when you have a successful email marketing strategy in your business

A $30,000 increase in revenuealmost 80% up on the previous year!

Email marketing results show a $30,000 increase in sales

Want help to achieve the same in your business?

My team and I are here to help get you to results like this faster than you ever thought possible.

So. If you’re serious about growing your brand online, but you want to shortcut that growth curve and learn how to do it without the hustle or overwhelm?

Then I invite you to book a no-obligation call with us and let’s talk about how we can bring your dream business to life.

Updated: 11th November 2022


How to profit from a small email list