Have your eCommerce sales plateaued and not sure how to get back on the growth track?

If so, then I bet you’d absolutely love to know how this client of mine doubled her sales without spending a dime on advertising. Yes?

Let me guess what you’re up to right now though. You’re always on the look out for your next customer.

You’re hustling for more sales all the time. (We’re in business to make money after all right?)

So this blog is for those of you who have been around for a while and have built up a pretty good customer base over time.

It’s also for those of you whose sales just aren’t growing as fast as you’d like, OR coming in as consistently or as predictably as you’d like.

It’s for those of you who have that knot of anxiety in the pit of your stomach or the tension in your cheeks from clenching your jaws. It’s bloody hard to figure out the next step to solve this problem!

Read on to find out how Vicky doubled her online sales in a few short months…

Client Case Study: Double Sales With Zero Ad Spend

I want to introduce you to one of my very first clients Vicki.

Vicki BubblebubsVicki had been running her online eco-baby products business, Bubblebubs, from home for nearly a decade before she came to me.

The situation I describe above is exactly her story. When we met, her youngest child was about to start Kinder and she was very keen to get her sales cranking again.

In Vicki’s business, she had a great database of customers and email subscribers that she’d built up over the years. She hadn’t ever tapped into it in any meaningful (or profitable) way.

The two key strategies I taught her were actually quite simple:

1. Give your customers a Red Carpet experience, and

2. Sell more to those happy customers.

I talk about this in a previous blog, but rather than me explaining the theory, let’s let Vicki demonstrate the power of these two strategies:

“The best decision I ever made was calling on the help of Catherine. I’m a little bit blown away if I’m honest at how fast my business is growing. Even after a couple of months we’re smashing sales targets and have seen our sales double over the last 6 or so months.

I had a lot of the knowledge but really lacked the skills, discipline and ability to formulate a workable plan to put it all into action. Catherine has been a dream to work with – with her help I’m focusing on building my business, not just managing the cash-flow.  

I haven’t spent any money on advertising to date. I can only imagine the additional growth I will experience once we start with paid ads to send more traffic at my site!

If I have 1 piece of advice it would be to invest some money in yourself and your processes before investing money in advertising. It can cost a lot of money to get new customers but very little to keep them! Catherine has shown me how to turn leads into customers and new customers into loyal, repeat customers.”

So what did Vicki do?

The key to this growth was in implementing two very powerful automated email campaigns.

1. Every time a new customer placed an order, they received an automated ‘Welcome and Wow’ email campaign.

This campaign consists of 5-6 emails designed to engage with the customer, make sure they’re happy with their purchase, educate them on how to use the product successfully, and invite them to join the conversation on social media.

Nailing this email campaign revolves around providing awesome value in the emails AND in writing fantastic subject lines. If you can do this, your customers absolutely love you for it. And, as a business owner you’ll also be training your customers to open more of your emails!

Now that’s what I call a WIN / WIN situation!

2. After the first email campaign is complete, each new customer was funnelled into another automated email campaign

This time a cross-sell or up-sell campaign.

The important thing here is to know exactly what is the logical next purchase after the customer’s first purchase, AND the amount of time between those purchases.

You can set your system up so that it automatically offers them the correct offer at about the right time.

Making the right offer at the right time is very powerful in terms of converting more sales in your online store.

Vicki’s repeat purchase conversion rate is more than double her new customer conversion rate.

Even better – the average order value of that repeat purchase is more like three times the first order value!

Would you like to experience results like these in your own business?

My specialty is in helping each individual learn how to tailor these strategies for their own unique situation AND implement them effectively.

Because let’s face it – reading about it or thinking about it or wanting it isn’t going to help much. You’ve got to actually DO it! And with my help, you definitely can.

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