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Ho to design a killer Facebook ad for your eCommerce store

Facebook continues to dominate the digital ad space, and with good reason. 1.39 billion people use Facebook every month, and not only that, we spend a lot of time on there. The average person spends 40 minutes each day on Facebook!

That’s a big captive audience right there.

And many of you are already trying out paid Facebook and Instagram ads as a way to drive traffic and sales to your store.

(Generating consistent website traffic and sales is a daily requirement, one I know many of you struggle with…!!)

Yet the vast majority of ads that I see in my newsfeed are just plain boring and irrelevant. 

Sadly – many of these ads just don’t work.

I see so many businesses throw up an ad and pray that it converts. Most of the time it doesn’t and they’re left out of pocket and frustrated, sometimes even wondering if they should throw in the towel entirely!

How Facebook ads DON’T work

As business owners, we like to think that everyone who needs a product like ours will automatically be interested when they see our ad. We talk our product up in the hope that people will recognise our product as being exactly right to suit our needs.

Unfortunately, that’s not how advertising works.

Most people do not login to Facebook with the primary intention of making a purchase. This is very different from other, more overtly commercial platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Even Google – people typically search on Google when they’re ready to buy.

You just can’t expect your potential customers to be sitting at their laptop, or browsing on their smartphone, with credit card in hand. Sorry hun, it ain’t gonna happen.

This is why you must give people something they are interested in before you even contemplate asking them to make a purchasing decision.

Bottom line is this: What looks like the fastest route to getting a purchase is, in fact, a direct line to losing the attention and interest of the people you want to reach.

You simply won’t get the clicks.

What’s the purpose of your ad?

Too many advertisers are trying to do too much with their ad. Specifically, they are trying to attract a cold audience AND sell, all in one ad.

So if the purpose of your Facebook ad is not to get the purchase, what is it?

Think of a sale as being a series of small actions or steps. Step 1 is to get their attention (ie stop scrolling their newsfeed long enough to look at your ad). Step 2 is for them to read your text. Third is for them to click on your ad.

Once they’ve clicked on your ad it’s up to your website to complete the process. This may be a two step process – sign up to your email list and then retarget them to get them to buy your product.

So you see, the purpose of your ad is simple: it’s to get the click.

Here’s how…

1. Images speak 1000 words

The first essential step when designing your own killer Facebook ads is the visuals.

We need to choose images that capture our customers’ attention quickly as they are scrolling through their newsfeed.

Example of an eye catching, engaging Facebook ad

Bare in mind, people are often distracted or multitasking whilst on Facebook. (Anyone else watch TV and check out Facebook on their phone at the same time? Or is that just me…)

There are many ways to capture attention, but we don’t want just anyone’s attention, we want our IDEAL CUSTOMER’s attention!

And the first thing to understand about image selection for advertising is: if your image sucks, your potential customer won’t even stop scrolling through their newsfeed long enough to notice it.

I like to use multiple images in an eCommerce ad, and I prefer lifestyle images over plain product shots. Lifestyle images show your product being used in context and makes it easier for your potential customers to “see themselves” in the images.

2. The irresistible offering

Do you want to buy a mattress? Or do you want a good night’s sleep?

Do you want to buy a photo frame? Or do you want to preserve and display your most treasured or precious moments?

Do you want to buy a pair of socks? Or are you a dancer who was born to stand out?

Hopefully you get the picture here…

You DO NOT sell your widget. This is not what people buy. If your ads are all about your product or your clearance sale, it’s really easy for your potential customer to just keep scrolling…

Instead, you sell the transformation.

Boring ads sell the product features. Killer Facebook ads sell the desired end result.

3. Get the click

It’s really easy to assume that everyone knows how ads work or how to buy online. But time and time again, I’ve seen results improve when you do one simple thing…

And that’s: tell people what they need to do next.

What ACTION you are asking people to take? Don’t just rely on a button to communicate this for you. Write it in a short action statement that begins with “Click here to…” or “Sign up to…”

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How to design a killer Facebook ad for your Ecommerce storeAfter writing hundreds of ads that have generated millions of clicks and many hundreds of thousands of dollars in eCommerce revenue, I’ve virtually ‘cracked the code’ on what makes a ‘perfect’ ad. And it comes down to these three principles.

Yes, there are other elements involved with targeting the right audiences and setting the ads up. But without these three elements, your ads will still fail.

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