• Follow These 6 Steps To Run A Killer Black Friday Promo

    This year’s Black Friday Cyber Monday promotional event will likely be unlike any other.  It’ll be a record one – if you do it right that is! BUT… getting organised early is absolutely key.  Here are some statistics from 2022 results to give you some idea of the scope of this event: In 2022, Australian […]

  • Want To Have Mega Sales Results In Q4? Here’s How…

    Firstly, let’s call out the elephant in the room here.  So far this has been a crazy year for businesses huh?! We’re living through some of the highest levels of inflation since the 80’s right now, and with interest rates only finally stopping their upward spiral, it’s no secret that a lot of families have […]

  • How To Plan A Revenue-Boosting End Of Financial Year Sale

    Want to squeeze as much juice (revenue) as possible out of the last few weeks of this financial year?  You may be considering running a clearance or mid-year sale (affectionately known as an EOFYS). As you know, it’s not my preference to run sales and discounts all the time, but there definitely are times of […]

  • Build Your Brand & Sell Through Storytelling

    Tell your brand story and the sales will flow easily

    Shouldn’t you just focus on selling? The other day, I was auditing the advertising platforms of a prospective client,. This particular brand is absolutely stunning and they produce beautiful, high quality products that customers adore. But their ads were falling flat – they just didn’t resonate with the audience and consequently, their results weren’t great. […]

  • 5 Powerful Strategies That Supercharged My Growth

    5 powerful strategies for online sales success

    Don’t you just wish someone would give you a guide to a successful business? A roadmap that tells you exactly what you need to do in order to achieve sales growth? I know I used to feel like that sometimes. Not when things were going great, but the other times. The times when everything seems to […]

  • What To Do Now To Guarantee A Bumper Holiday Season!

    Plan for your Christmas Sales Period

    Want to be making the most of holiday season sales this year? Then you need to get started now! This year, in 2022, eCommerce retail sales globally are predicted to hit over $5.5 trillion, with some businesses looking to make up to 75% of their sales in the 4th quarter of the year.  It’s also […]

  • 4 Tips To Run A Killer EOFYS

    Run a successful EOFYS

    As we rapidly approach the end of the financial year, you may be considering running a clearance or flash sale (the good old EOFYS!). EOFYS can be a great tool to reduce stock (especially before the dreaded stocktake) and to increase sales. This year, with the increased cost of living and the increased cost of […]