• 9 Sneaky Ways Big Brands Get You To Spend More Money

    As with most things in life we all have a choice to focus on the negative or the positive in any situation. Yes, we could focus on the negatives of rising inflation and reduced consumer spending right now OR we could focus on the positives of ecommerce growth and take actions to ensure we’re part […]

  • Creating A Brand For The Lifestyle You Desire

    Have you ever felt a bit overwhelmed by all the things you should be doing in your business but not knowing which things are the most important to get done or unsure if you’re spending time on the right activities that will actually help you grow? Or maybe you’re unsure about what direction to take […]

  • Feeding The Content Machine With Lauren Schwartz

    Creating content for social media

    Hands up if you’ve ever heard the phrase “Content is King” when it comes to marketing your brand?  Obviously having great content is what makes or breaks your brand’s marketing and advertising. But if you’re anything like me and many of my clients – you’re probably feeling like content creation has become like the beast […]

  • Reaching Your Audience In A Cookie-less World

    Marketing after the ios14 update

    Remember the days (not that long ago!) when marketing your eCommerce business meant finding out where your audience hung out online and then putting up some Facebook ads to target those very specific audiences? Or being able to follow your customer around the internet and place ads in front of them wherever they go? Kinda […]

  • Why And How To Update To Shopify 2.0

    Why and How To Update to Shopify 2.0

    Lately we’ve been talking about what brand owners need to be doing now to prepare themselves for the bumper holiday season that is fast approaching. And one of the priorities that I encourage everyone to be focusing on is to make sure their website is fresh and user friendly and really ready for traffic and […]

  • Why Purpose Driven Brands Win Big

    Why purpose driven brands win big

    The last few years have seen some significant changes in how brands operate their business and one change that I personally welcome with open arms is seeing the increase in brands that are driven by a strong purpose.  Whether that’s aligning themselves with solving world hunger, fighting against pollution and climate change or improving their […]

  • 7 Low Cost Ways To Boost eCommerce Sales

    7 marketing strategies to boost online sales

    Hands up who of you feel like they’re not progressing when it comes to growing your business or generating sales in your online store?  Or maybe this year some of you have seen month-to-month that sales plateau or even go backwards at times?  To be honest, that’s very normal – we all have ups and […]