• 5 Things That Are Working This Month With Facebook Ads

    The Five Things Working In Facebook Right Now

    Today on the show we’re going to talk about what’s working right now with Facebook ads – specifically when it comes to advertising your brand or eCommerce store. If there’s one constant we know about advertising our stores, it’s that there is always change.  Change to the platforms, changes to the algorithms, changes to how […]

  • The #1 Reason For Stress And Fatigue As An Entrepreneur

    Reasons behind stress and fatigue as a business owner

    How are you feeling right now? If you’re, like me, a Mum and a business owner, then I have a good idea of how you’re feeling… On top of the last two years of a pandemic, I’m seeing people struggling with business operations such as supply chain issues, fulfillment delays, price increases across the board… […]

  • The Power Of Incentives – When & How To Use Them

    Discounts and incentives. Some businesses love them –  we all know the brands that seem to be constantly on sale (looking at you ‘closing down’ rug store!).  And some businesses hate discounts and will rarely offer them for the fear of training their audience to expect constant sales or lowering the perceived value of their […]

  • Create Your 12 Month SEO Content Plan With Karen Mapperson

    A couple of weeks ago, we shared the first in a two-episode series on SEO – search engine optimisation, and I was joined by Karen who is one of the experts from my team. In that episode, we talked through the initial foundational steps we should be taking when it comes to optimising our websites […]

  • Secrets To Avoid Building A Boring Brand

    Podcast Graphic for episode about Secrets To Avoid Building A Boring Brand

    Have you ever been stuck at a party talking to the most boring person in the room? And by boring I mean they either don’t talk at all OR all they do is talk about themselves! Equally bad right? But what if it’s a business that is boring?  And trust me, there are plenty! If […]

  • How To Increase Organic Traffic With SEO

    Podcast Graphic: How to improve your organic traffic with seo

    Getting website traffic and sales in your online store can be tough.  I remember when I launched my first business years ago, trying to work out how to crack the mystery that was Google. And initially having that knee jerk reaction of ‘oh this search engine optimisation thing is too techy and difficult and I’ll […]

  • 3 Strategies Big Brands Are Using That Small Brands Can Copy

    In today’s episode I’m talking about the marketing we’re seeing big brands do really well – outside of paid advertising or social media.  And I really wanted to highlight these strategies for you because they are things you can replicate in any size business.  And to be clear – I mean the kinds of things […]