• An Introduction To The Power Of Paid Google Ads

    Introduction to google ads

    When it comes to paid advertising we are all aware of social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram. However, no business owner wants to put all their dollars into one platform basket so it’s always a good idea to cover a range of bases. Enter… Google Ads! Google Ads are certainly not new by any […]

  • 4 Tips To Run A Killer EOFYS

    Run a successful EOFYS

    As we rapidly approach the end of the financial year, you may be considering running a clearance or flash sale (the good old EOFYS!). EOFYS can be a great tool to reduce stock (especially before the dreaded stocktake) and to increase sales. This year, with the increased cost of living and the increased cost of […]

  • Your Goal Crushing Ecommerce Marketing Plan

    Create a ecommerce marketing plan

    Recently I’ve been speaking with a few eCommerce brand owners about how tough they’re finding it to generate traffic and sales consistently right now.  Between the drop in consumer confidence during the lead up to the federal election we’ve finally just had, the increase in our cost of living, a school holidays with two long […]

  • How To Know What Your Customers Want

    How to know what your customer wants

    Do you ever feel that you’re marketing out into a big black void? Sending out social media posts and emails but not knowing what to say and certainly not knowing if your customers are even resonating with what you’re saying? Feeling like you really just want to know what your customer ACTUALLY needs and wants? […]

  • Should I Add Buy Now Pay Later To My Online Shop?

    Afterpay for your online store

    Today on the show we’re going to try and answer a question we see being asked ALL the time: And that is – should you add Buy Now Pay Later payment options to your online store?  Are the high transactional fees worth it? Will adding Afterpay or Buy Now Pay Later options increase my sales? […]