• How You Can Enjoy 66x ROI From Your Klaviyo Account

    Do you want to enjoy 66x ROI From Your Klaviyo Account? No, that’s not a trick question! We’re into May now, and as crazy as this sounds, now is the time to be planning and preparing for a bumper 4th quarter. And if you want customers to be spending with you – then as well […]

  • Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Building Unshakable Self-Belief for Success

    Are you struggling with self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy despite your achievements? Entrepreneurs often start their businesses because they have a vision or a goal that they’re really excited and passionate about. But then when challenges come their way, whether external or internal, it’s really common to start feeling as though you’re not cut out […]

  • How To Get Past A Sales Slump In Your Ecommerce Business

    Navigating a downturn in business is one of the most daunting experiences a business owner can go through. Lately I’ve seen a few of you are struggling with a downturn right now and I know from experience that when that happens there’s always the fear at the back of your mind that this is it, […]

  • How An Office Waste Problem Led To This Popular Invention

    Have you ever heard that old saying that Necessity is the Mother of all Invention? That was truly the case with my guest today, Michelle from PaperSaver who, alongside her husband, turned an office waste problem into a new, popular invention!  I think it’s a similar genesis story for many of you actually – as […]

  • The Success Behind The Grow Journal

    If you’re a Mum or a Teacher, you might already know this brand, but if you don’t then you’ll want to, I promise! The Grow Journal started their journey by having an idea for journals designed for kids and teens in mind, packed full of content to help kids and teens to develop resilience, to […]

  • The Journey Of French Soda

    Today’s interview is with someone I’ve wanted to invite on the show for a while, not just because I love her and her brand, but also because I’ve had several of you listeners request to hear her story! Ashlee Nagle from French Soda HAS achieved an enormous amount in her 5 years in business. Generating […]

  • How to become a Cashflow Queen

    3 strategies to improve ecommerce cashflow

      Let’s begin with the old, hard facts. Did you know that one in five eCommerce businesses fails within one year? This rises to 30% in the second year, 39% in the third year, and over 40% in the fourth year. That’s pretty sobering right?! The reality is, poor cashflow management, running out of cash […]