• How to overcome eCommerce roadblocks to success

    Overcome roadblocks when selling products online

    What to do when customers want to try things on before buying… Sometimes it’s hard for customers to buy online. Not because of the website itself, but because the product is difficult to choose without seeing it or trying it on. You may find this if you sell items like clothes, underwear, swimwear, shoes, make-up, […]

  • The 2 surprising reasons I’ll never buy from these stores

    2 surprising reasons I'll never buy from these stores

    If you’re in the business of selling online, then most likely you’re always on the lookout for new ways to grow your sales. To convert more website visitors into paying customers. I’ve written loads of blogs about how to increase your sales. From improving your eCommerce website, to getting Facebook ads working for you, to […]

  • How To Gain Customer Trust When Fake eCommerce Stores Are The New Scam…

    This week, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that fake online retailers have scammed Australians out of $150,000 in the first quarter of 2017. Not only that, reports are escalating of unscrupulous business practices, such as Shakuhachi taking orders for stock they don’t have or simply not fulfilling orders. It’s pretty heartbreaking to see websites like […]

  • The #1 cause of stress and fatigue as a Mumpreneur

    The #1 cause of stress and fatigue as a Mumpreneur

    If you’re, like me, a Mum and a business owner (affectionately known by some as a “Mumpreneur”), then I have a good idea of how you’re feeling at this tail end of the year. They don’t call it the silly season for nothing do they? I’ll bet you often feel stressed out. Totally overwhelmed by […]

  • 5 Rookie Marketing Automation Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

    5 rookie marketing automation mistakes and how to avoid them

    After 5+ years of using marketing automation to sell my products online, you can bet that I’ve made every mistake in the book! Have you been there? Talk about frustration-central! I want to share some of those rookie mistakes with you here, along with specific tactics to help you seamlessly bypass any unnecessary challenges that […]

  • 3 steps to Lifecycle Marketing Success

    3 steps to lifecycle marketing success

    Lifecycle Marketing relates to marketing campaigns that are tied to your customer’s needs and how they use your products. As we discussed in last week’s blog post, Lifecycle Marketing refers to marketing and sales campaigns that address your customer’s needs and requirements as they evolve over time. So, a brand new customer will have very […]