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  • How We Doubled One Brand’s Customers On Autopilot

    How We Doubled One Brand’s Customers On Autopilot

    On average, eCommerce websites convert at 2-3%, whilst average revenue per website visitor varies from brand to brand. Lately, I’ve been auditing a number of eCommerce businesses who are desperately trying to grow their revenue and profits, to make and keep more money in their business. But they not only don’t know these metrics, or […]

  • Want To Know How I Got An Extra $83K In eCommerce Sales?

    3 Email Marketing Tweaks That

    3 Email Marketing Tweaks That Made an $83K Difference In This Online Store Have you ever experienced a spike in online sales after sending out an email to your list? Email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use in your business. Done right, it can account for over 20-30% […]

  • 3 Ways To Build Your List Before A Promotion

    No-one is motivated to receive more newsletters! Okay, maybe we started off a bit harsh there… But when you’re growing your SMS & Email list, this is a hard fact you NEED to know. So again, for the people in the back!  A newsletter is not the most effective way to convert new subscribers into […]

  • 5 Simple Steps To Revive A Dead Email List

    Is your email list dead in the water? Chances are you killed it yourself… Harsh, I know. But hear me out. I’m aware that some of you think email marketing is dead, or that it’s just not where the real money is. The evidence says otherwise. But let’s be honest. There’s no easy way to […]

  • 5 Steps To Get Started With Klaviyo SMS Marketing

    When I launched my first eCommerce business in 2007, email marketing was still pretty new and novel. Email quickly became the most incredibly effective way to communicate with customers and potential customers and it was a surefire way to make a LOT of money. Since then, obviously social media became a Very Big Thing, which […]

  • How to market your eCommerce store in an hour a day

    How to market your ecommerce store in an hour a day

    How would you describe ‘success’ in your business? Is it a profitable lifestyle business? An empire? Or perhaps a fully automated passive income stream? That’s the dream, right? To be able to sit back and relax and watch the orders flow in. Ka-ching! Believe it or not, this IS actually possible WITHOUT working yourself to […]

  • 5 Ways to Make More Money from Email Marketing

    5 Ways to Make More Money from Email Marketing

    Recently, with the big changes in the way paid traffic works – one important lesson has been made abundantly clear: We must never rely entirely on always having access to audiences on platforms we don’t own (even if they are fans or followers of OUR social media pages or youtube channels).  It is essential to […]

  • Wrapping Up The 2022 Black Friday Sales Results

    2022 Black Friday Wrap Up

    It’s been over two weeks since the epic Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend of 2022 and I hope you’ve managed to catch your breath! How did the major promo weekend of the year work for you and your brand? Have you had a time to review your results and gather information on what worked and what […]

  • 7 Last-Minute Tips To Crush Your Christmas Campaign

    To all our eCommerce brands out there in the middle of crazy holiday season – I see you! You’ve just come out of Click Frenzy, are about to launch or are already in the middle of your Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaigns and then there’s still the traditional Christmas marketing period ahead. It’s enough to make […]

  • How To Profit From a Small Email List

    How to profit from a small email list

    Did you know: on average, email marketing accounts for 25% of eCommerce sales! And done right – it can be up to 30-35%, with a good proportion of that revenue generated on autopilot! But… it is a universal truth that you will find either frustrating or comforting: everyone begins at the start line. Even if you […]