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  • How To Profit From a Small Email List

    How to profit from a small email list

    Did you know: on average, email marketing accounts for 25% of eCommerce sales! And done right – it can be up to 30-35%, with a good proportion of that revenue generated on autopilot! But… it is a universal truth that you will find either frustrating or comforting: everyone begins at the start line. Even if you […]

  • 10 Secrets to a Successful eCommerce Christmas Promotion

    The most magical time of the year has taken over our minds and to-do lists. That means – if you’re not already in full swing with your eCommerce Christmas promotion, you need to get on it!. Personally I can’t even start thinking about Christmas shopping until the last birthday of the year is over on […]

  • How To Calculate Your ROI On Klaviyo

    How to calculate you ROI on Klaviyo

    Today I get to talk about one of my favourite subjects, email marketing! But it’s really a double hit combo of favourite subjects as I’m going to be talking about email marketing AND data… and for all those who may have been following my content for a while you know that these two topics get […]

  • Want To Know How I Got An Extra $30K In Christmas Sales?

    3 Email Marketing Tweaks That

    3 Email Marketing Tweaks That Made a $30K Difference In This Online Store Have you ever experienced a spike in online sales after sending out an email to your list? Email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use in your business. Done right, it can account for over 20-30% […]

  • How To Run A Killer Black Friday Promotion

    Black Friday Cyber Monday sales have become an American eCommerce tradition, beginning 2005. Last year, Australian eCommerce stores alone processed over $8 billion, with global sales of over $880 billion just during this 4 day sale event. Year-on-year, retail sales over the Black Friday promotional event grew by 14% compared to the year before. Typically, […]

  • How To Squeeze The Most Out Of Your Email Marketing

    If you’ve been a listener of mine for any period of time you would know how much I value email marketing!  Building your email list and interacting with your customers through engaging and relevant content is one of the major steps in scaling up an ecommerce business. Plus it’s the one platform where you OWN […]