• Decoding the Winning Formulas of 4 Leading Brands

    Decoding the winning formulas of 4 leading brands

    In the increasingly busy digital landscape we operate in as brand owners and eCommerce businesses, it’s harder and harder to capture the attention of your customers. Think of the last time you spent time on social media. How many pieces of content did you notice? Did you scroll past most of it? What was it […]

  • My Top 3 Ways To Use ChatGPT (& 1 To Avoid…)

    If ever there was a trendy bandwagon that everyone and their mother’s uncle’s dog is jumping on to try and make money from you, it is ChatGPT Unfortunately, with all the hype surrounding ChatGPT and other AI tools right now, there are people who think this is a magic tool that will completely transform their […]

  • Solving the Dirtiest Problem in eCommerce with Better Packaging Co.

    What would you say is the dirtiest problem in eCommerce? And no, that’s not a trick question! The answer, of course, is waste.  The glamorous topic of waste in eCommerce is an important one, as it’s a huge by-product of any eCommerce business or brand manufacturing physical products.  From the packaging that products go into […]

  • Build Your Brand & Sell Through Storytelling

    Tell your brand story and the sales will flow easily

    Shouldn’t you just focus on selling? The other day, I was auditing the advertising platforms of a prospective client,. This particular brand is absolutely stunning and they produce beautiful, high quality products that customers adore. But their ads were falling flat – they just didn’t resonate with the audience and consequently, their results weren’t great. […]

  • The 3 Social Media Ads You Need Today To Build Brand Visibility

    Social Media Advertising Podcast

    Recently, I heard someone advise a business owner to just focus on selling, because that’s the number one thing.  Which is all good and well if you have an audience to sell to… and not just any audience but an audience that actually needs and DESIRES your brand or product! But how do you get […]

  • 6 Phases To Perfect For A Successful Trade Show or Expo

    Preparing for a successful trade show

    As we approach trade show season here in Australia, many brands are gearing up to show off their wares and to increase their wholesale clients or sales via a trade show or expo. And it’s easy to understand why, exhibiting at a trade show for retailers or at an expo selling directly to customers can […]

  • 5 Ways To Increase Brand Visibility Using Organic Social Media

    Building brand awareness

    This month I’m dedicating to the theme of building brand visibility and growing your engaged audience.  February can kinda be a tricky month as it’s in between seasons. We’ve finished Christmas and Back To School and there’s a little lull until Autumn or Easter promos start to kick off. So what to do? This is […]

  • A Sneak Peak Inside The Plans of A Super Organised Business

    Podcast interview with Lisa Munro

    So far this month I’ve been sharing some of my planning methods for those of you who are trying to work out your goals for the year and work out what sort of marketing strategies you might employ to help you grow your business this year.  Hopefully that content I’ve shared over the last two […]

  • Why Purpose Driven Brands Win Big

    Why purpose driven brands win big

    The last few years have seen some significant changes in how brands operate their business and one change that I personally welcome with open arms is seeing the increase in brands that are driven by a strong purpose.  Whether that’s aligning themselves with solving world hunger, fighting against pollution and climate change or improving their […]

  • Commitment, Values & Being Different – Building A Brand With Purpose

    With Julie Mathers, Founder of Flora & Fauna Today’s interview is a must listen. Julie Mathers created Flora & Fauna, an online retail store selling all natural products, back in 2014 and along with her husband and team, grew it into a $15 million B-Corp certified business and a household name before selling it in […]