Brand Building

  • What’s in a brand (and does it really matter?)

    What's in a brand and does it really matter?

    Great brands have always been defined by great products. But the product alone does not equal your brand. Over a hundred years ago, cattle farmers used branding irons to indicate which animals were theirs. As cattle moved across the country, it was easy to determine which farm they were from because each head of cattle […]

  • How to sell out your collection in record time

    How to sell out your collection in record time

    Creating a new product really is like going through an out-of-body pregnancy and birth. You put everything you have into creating and nurturing this new little beast. Designing, developing, prototypes, liaising, manufacturing, packaging, photography and more… So it’s only natural that you want to see it go gangbusters when it finally hits your store! The […]

  • Want to know how to grow from idea to empire?

    Adopt these 6 traits of successful Productpreneurs with fast-growth businesses In celebration of International Women’s Day today, I’d like to introduce you to my client Kristy Chong, founder of award-winning underwear brand Modibodi. Kristy’s journey of entrepreneurship is so impressive and inspiring that she was recently named by Fairfax Media as one of 9 Australian business women […]

  • How to get from super stuck to killing it

    client case study 3900% sales growth

    How one brand owner achieved 3900% sales growth in 12 months That heading sounds completely incredible, right? Like, almost unbelievable? It’s no joke though! Twelve months ago, Kristy Rigby from Babiators Australia was struggling to make ends meet in her business. She knew she had a great product with awesome potential (kids sunglasses in a country as […]

  • Is the story behind the product important?

    Tell your brand story and the sales will flow easily

    Shouldn’t you just focus on selling? “Getting your product into retailers (or selling it online) is the number one thing. The story behind the product is secondary, it’s not important.” This was the advice given to one Productpreneur I spoke to recently. And it nearly broke my heart! Let me tell you why…. As product […]