Are you like many Productprepreneurs I know?

You’ve spent months, maybe years, coming up with your brilliant product.

Your blood, sweat and tears went into creating your brand and establishing your business.

You lost sleep (not to mention, you almost threw your computer out the window several times) whilst building your website.

You launched with great excitement and a flurry of activity on social media.

And you were thrilled to see an immediate influx of sales – maybe not enough to retire on just yet, but enough to prove to yourself you were Onto A Good Thing.

Sound familiar?

Case Study: How To Sell Products Like A #Bosslady

What about that feeling of disappointment when that initial burst of sales didn’t continue?

Now, you’re trying to hold your stress levels at bay, and when well-meaning friends ask you ‘how’s business?’, you just nod politely and say, ‘yeah, great thanks!’

And your energy levels? Well, let’s just say that the momentum has seriously slowed down…

If this story sounds familiar to you, then you simply have to meet Michelle.

Michelle Cheeky ChompersMichelle, Australian and New Zealand distributor of award-winning Cheeky Chompers, came to me, on the verge of burn-out. She had been in business around 3 years or so, and had achieved some successes but not consistently.

At the time, she was distributing three different brands of products. They were all baby products, but quite different brands and different target audiences.

She was also working part-time as a flight attendant. Basically, she wasn’t making enough moula in the business so she kept up the side gig to make ends meet.

Oh, and she’s a Mum and wife as well. Sounds like a recipe for relaxed happiness, no? Yeah, right…

But, Michelle was also hungry – hungry to achieve her dream of growing a profitable business that supported the lifestyle she wanted.

Fast-forward 9 months, and the results are PHENOMENAL!!!

Like, 540% growth in online sales kind of phenomenal! (I kid you not!)

“Feeling so very accomplished and very grateful grateful…Thank you Catherine for all I have learnt from you and your course! This is a snap shot of my sales tracker… My wholesale orders are on top of this. Biggest month on record!  

I have been working with Catherine for 9 months. Been in business 4 years, and have tried many things and had ups and downs, but in this last 9 months I’ve been able to get really clear on exactly what I needed to do. Since I’ve got most things implemented now, my biz is growing weekly.”

client case study: 540% sales growth

And her wholesale sales have completely skyrocketed as well! Now stocked in hundreds of retailers nationally, including big-box retailers like Baby Kingdom.

And check out how Michelle’s stress levels are faring now:

“A friend of mine said to me a few years ago that she couldn’t believe I was wasting money on trade fairs without having any systems in place. She was right.

This weekend, with still 2 days to go [at the trade fair] I am feeling so very accomplished and very grateful for working with you. After 2 days, I have over 70 new store contacts and a book full of orders. 

I know after this weekend, I will pop those new contacts into my sales funnel and generate more sales. My stress button is on zero.

Now, not every Productpreneur will achieve the same levels of success as Michelle.

Results like those are reserved for the ones who are hungry for it, who take action and implement things.

Of course, if you are ambitious and you just need help from someone with been-there-done-that experience to make sure all your actions have the impact you desire, then anything is possible. Scratch that… EVERYTHING is possible!

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Michelle is a super-dooper action-taker, so if you want to achieve results like hers then you’ll need to get moving!

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Case Study: How To Sell Products Like A #Bosslady