Running a business alone can be a daunting, isolating experience at times…

How do you come up with ideas? Problem solve? Decide what strategies to implement?

How do you stay motivated and productive?

Read on for my view AND access to a highly valuable FREE advisory resource…

Staying focused on the RIGHT tasks is hard enough when you work solo.

But having to wear all the hats is even harder!

We’re the designer, the marketer, the sales-person, the book keeper, the logistics person and the legal eye. (Quite frankly, it’s amazing we don’t all end up with split personality disorder sometimes!)

Gather a handful of trusted advisors

I’ve always had some pretty high expectations of myself – to have all the right ideas and a solution for everything. But really, it’s impossible to be an expert at everything!

For example, when I started my last business, I obtained advice about manufacturing my own product design and how best to commercialise that invention.

I learned about protecting my intellectual property, about having the right contracts in place, about pricing strategy and managing cash-flow, amongst many different things.

By getting the right advice at the right time, I had all the building blocks in place to sustain exponential sales growth right from the start.

Seeking out the advice of those whose experience or expertise is relevant to your business can make a world of difference.

You get to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before you – to leverage their success (and the mistakes they made).

This is why I’ve created a new, free community just for you Rockstar Productpreneurs!

Rockstar Productpreneur free community

I know from experience that being a Productpreneur can be a challenge

Designing and manufacturing your own products, or distributing an innovative product is a unique business model.

Our requirements as business owners are completely different from people who provide services, for example.

We’re building brands, generating the demand, and managing the entire fulfilment process.

Our cash-flow issues are extreme and, with our manufacturing lead-times, trying to get the balance between supply and demand is like walking a tightrope.

When’s the right time to invest? When should we expand our product range? How do we build the brand and grow sales without making a mess of production?

By joining the free Rockstar Productpreneur community – you not only get to network with likeminded business owners (AKA other Productpreneurs!).

You ALSO get to pick the brains of a selection of highly relevant experts

So far we have experts in the following areas:

  • business/contract law and intellectual property
  • off-shore manufacturing
  • customs and logistics
  • graphic design
  • photography
  • branding
  • sales
  • online, email and social media marketing
  • Facebook advertising
  • copywriting and
  • wholesale

All these advisors have experience that is relevant to making and selling physical products, either online, in person or through retail.

My goal is to cultivate an engaged, supportive environment dedicated to helping innovative entrepreneurs to successfully commercialise their product invention.

And to do this through providing timely, relevant advice and education that is highly relevant to the Productpreneur business model.

You get to join for free!

Click here now to request access.

Once you’re in, your first task is to introduce yourself, your business, brand and product.
I also want you to share your goals for your business AND let us know the biggest issue you’re struggling with right now.

And the last step is super easy – if you know any other Productpreneurs? Invite them along!

Sound like a plan?

Click here to join today – it’s free!

Look forward to seeing you in there…