Something I’ve always loved to do, is to find out how other successful people have achieved what I want to do myself.

I love to hear their stories and learn about their journey, including the mistakes as well as their achievements.

It’s a powerful way to learn.

And so this week, I’m really excited to share another interview with a friend and client, who actually also used to be a competitor of mine about 6 or 7 years ago.

Vicki Simpson founded Bubblebubs modern cloth nappy brand about 15 years ago.

She designs and manufactures a huge range of reusable nappies and other eco-friendly products for babies and new Mums. 

She sells both Ecommerce as well as wholesale, and these days is a hugely successful brand. 

It definitely has not been a straight line from the start-line to success, though, and she’s extremely candid about some of the massive difficulties she’s had along the way.

She also shares an incredible social media marketing strategy that is totally free and you can all use in your business RIGHT NOW.

Normally, trade shows and expos are one of Vicki’s major marketing strategies. In a year, she would usually do at least 9 shows!

Clearly, those have all been cancelled for the immediate future, as the COVID-19 pandemic has closed down all major events around the world. 

So, Vicki did a quick pivot and rolled out a really cool social media strategy instead, that you should definitely listen to and implement yourself.

Vicki shares so many nuggets of gold in this episode though, so do yourself a big favour and set aside the next 45 minutes to listen to what she has to say.

Listen now.

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