Do you feel like you’re spending too much time hustling for your next customer? Do you know why customers choose your competitor brand over your own?

Or, would you RATHER have customers flocking to you and snapping up your products like a bunch of shopaholics at a shoe sale? Then maybe it’s time for a brand transformation…

There are many popular brands on the market. (And many invisible ones!) Only a select few have the magnetic power of irresistibility.

Transforming your brand into one that is truly irresistible is more important now than ever. It’s the only way to compete against big, powerful mega-retailers like Amazon, who compete on price and have very deep pockets when it comes to spending money on marketing and customer acquisition.

Read on for the inside scoop about one client’s brand transformation

How to dramatically transform your brand and become irresistible

But first, what is an Irresistible Brand?

Irresistible brands have a power that goes beyond being recognisable and popular. When faced with a choice between brands in a product category, customers are magnetically drawn to them, unable and unwilling to see any alternative.

The power these brands exert today makes their success appear almost magical.

But the fact is that they have very specific characteristics that make them irresistible to their customers. They have been deliberately designed and carefully managed over time to exert such a powerful pull.

How do you transform your brand and become irresistible?

There are three essential qualities your brand must exhibit in order to become irresistible. Let me illustrate them with an example of a brand transformation undertaken by one of my clients, Opening Fairy Doors.

1. Emotional Capital

Every brand carries some level of emotional capital based on how the consumer feels about the brand experience. Whether these levels are high or low depends on factors such as brand image, brand promise, brand personality, as well as unique products.

Too many brands fail because they are just like everyone else. You are not branded because you have a logo or website or packaging. Branding is setting your business apart from all the other offerings on the market.

How to: Opening Fairy Doors has a distinct feature that differentiates it from competitor brands, and that’s that their doors actually open. But you can’t build a brand or sell products on features alone.

Instead, we thought about what this feature means for the customer. In this case, it literally opens the door to a more interactive play opportunity, allowing children to be more imaginative and creative with their games.

The branding, therefore, needed to reflect this brand positioning, and communicate the story of imagination and creativity.

Become an irresistible brand

2. Inspire Your Audience

Here’s a scenario: Customer has the choice between two products that are fairly similar. Option A has quite a nice looking website that shows the products photographed against clean white backgrounds. The website is fairly easy to navigate and to shop on.

But… It’s just a transactional website, without warmth or personality.

Option B has a gorgeous website that shows people just like the customer using the product. But the images don’t just show regular, every-day situations. They are really eye-catching with pops of colour and really inspire the imagination.

The customer is drawn to this website because it has so much personality! The customer experience on this site is fun, engaging and…irresistible!

Previously an Option A, Opening Fairy Doors has now transformed into an Option B product. Check out their stunning new website here!

Become an irresistible brand

3. Deliver Consistently

Where do your customers interact with your brand? Social media, your website, product packaging, retail stores, advertising, even word-of-mouth referrals.

As a small business, it can be hard trying to present your brand consistently across all these different touch-points.

How to: Think about your ‘Brand Universe’. Much like the Marvel Universe, you want to have a consistent theme across all your imagery, written communications, packaging, advertising, etc etc.

At Opening Fairy Doors, the imagery and the language works together to create a magical fairy landscape that is vivid, engaging and inspires customers’ imaginations.

Identify your brand’s unique selling point

Before you can hope to transform your brand into one that’s truly irresistible, you need to know exactly what sets you apart from the competition.

What is your unique selling proposition? (Otherwise known as, your USP!)

Download my free guide and worksheet to help you identify your USP.