Yesterday I arrived home after a truly inspirational weekend at the AusMumpreneur Conference and Awards.

And I just had to share with you my top take-outs and highlights!

4 powerful lessons from 4 business superstars

Trust your instinct

During Susan Pearse’s presentation, we learnt about how the women’s style of leadership is actually more effective in the chaotic, fast-changing business environment we now operate in.

This means tuning into our gut instinct rather than trying to push strategies out that may be incongruent with our team or our audience.

Key take-out: Tuning into my own instinct has been directly responsible for developing my own business vision.

When you have a clear vision and you really understand your ‘why’, it really helps build a much clearer brand and more compelling marketing.

Which in turn, is much more engaging for your own customer base.

You ARE good enough

Fi Bendall, CEO of Bendall’s Group, we received a rousing presentation all about backing ourselves and having the confidence to go for it!

Despite being bullied as a child and told again and again that she wasn’t good enough, Fi went on to create three extremely successful businesses, working with the likes of Richard Branson no less!

Key take-out: We don’t need to wait until someone else gives us permission to start or grow our business. And we certainly don’t need to be perfect in order to be successful.

We just need to back ourselves to follow our dreams – and then take action every day to get us one step closer to our goal.

Your brand values are the heart of your business

Outgoing AusMumpreneur of the Year, Monica Meldrum, is the most beautiful, inspirational business woman.

Her business, Whole Kids, is a B-Corp certified business, meaning she runs a for-profit company that also gives back to the community and must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Monica spoke in depth about her core brand values – wholesome, wholeness and wholehearted.

And that these values dictate every decision she makes in her business.

Her business has grown from strength to strength, and she has now served over 20 million health meals to Aussie children!

Key take-out: knowing your values helps make decisions about what products you’ll make or stock, what suppliers you want to work with, what customers or clients you want to sell to.

Knowing your values helps you craft an exceptionally strong brand with visuals and content that are consistently on message.

Knowing your values helps you to connect more powerfully with your audience, and engaging with your audience in this way means you’ll take them on your journey with you.

And they’ll buy.

What is your legacy?

I swear, Emeli Paulo, founder of Collective Potential, is like the female, Aussie equivalent of Tony Robbins.

She conducted a really powerful workshop with us, where she posed one question.

What do you want to leave behind when you die?

She wasn’t being morbid at all – simply challenging us to think about whether our current path in life is true to the legacy we want to leave behind.

Key take-out: there is nothing more powerful than living an authentic life.

And only we can unleash our own potential. It’s up to us to take control of our dreams and to act on them, one step of every day.

Productpreneurs Rock!

And lastly, I can’t finish without gushing over the HUGE number of very creative, innovative, product designers and inventors.

Some of them are early in their business journey, while others were busy taking out award after award!

Kudos to Monique and Dannielle of B.Box who took out the big gong!

Other award winning Productpreneurs included Kim of Fairy Gardening, Amy of Baby Bee Hummingbirds, Diksha of Amazeology, Helen of Buggy Cart, Emma of FlyBabee, and Julie of Dilkara.

Future take-out: I hope to bring you some interviews with these powerhouse productpreneurs over the coming months.

Over to you:

Take a moment to sit quietly, eyes closed, and reflect on your business. Think about what you desire your business to become. And then think about what’s really holding you back from realising this.

Think about your brand values and the legacy you want to leave behind.

Take  a moment to write down these thoughts. Add them to your vision board.

And, if you’re game, share them with me in the comments below!

As always, I’m here to help

I love nothing more than chatting to passionate, ambitious Productpreneurs!

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