When I first met and started working with Kylie, her business was busy, but she was very stressed and overwhelmed. In a word, she was frantic!

She’s a Mum of two young boys and had minimal help in her business: she really was doing it all. Days, late nights, weekends, she was hustling all the time.

Her business was growing, but she wasn’t earning enough income for herself and the thought of working harder to grow the business further stressed her out even more.

Sound familiar?

There are three kinds of entrepreneurs in the online business world:

The Confident Productpreneur, the Timid Productpreneur and the Frantic Productpreneur.

And only one of them is likely to experience really fast sales growth!

Read on to find out how Kylie became that entrepreneur…

The Frantic Productpreneur

Characteristics: Constantly busy and stressed, just keeping the wheels turning. Doesn’t know what to do next.

Now these Productpreneurs are ones I see and speak to ALL THE TIME! Oh my goodness I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every time I spoke to one of these.

Frantic Productpreneurs are so busy doing, doing, doing – reacting to customers and other demands all day long – that they have no time to think or make smart, strategic decisions.

It’s that old saying – you can’t see the forest for the trees.

You want to grow your business and make a decent financial return for yourself, but you can’t see how it’s possible because you’re so damn busy all the time!

The biggest difficulty Frantic Productpreneurs have is giving up control – they want to have total control over everything in their business, but unfortunately this results in the Productpreneur doing everything themselves or being a bottleneck in the business because they have to make all the decisions.

TIP: Frantic Productpreneurs can easily learn how to become less busy, more confident and in control of their sales growth.

The Timid Productpreneur

Characteristics: Loves their products but worries about whether others will love them enough to buy them.

These Productpreneurs are often women (but not always), who have a quiet passion for their product, but are also anxious about whether other people think it’s worth the price we put on it.

They often resort to discounting, feeling the need to give their customers the best value for money possible, to the exclusion of paying themselves at the end of the day.

Timid Productpreneurs rarely experience fast business growth because they usually lack the confidence, or the ability, to think big or play big.

TIP: if you’re a Timid Productpreneur and you don’t want to be – it is possible to learn how to become more confident and make more money!

The Confident Productpreneur

Characteristics: Super confident, has rock-solid self-belief that they will be successful.

These Productpreneurs exude passion and enthusiasm and have so much energy for their business. They are very clear and strong on their vision and this shows through with everything they do.

They also back themselves 100% and aren’t afraid to take a risk. They’ll be exhibiting at events, spending money on advertising, going on TV shows like Shark Tank, pitching to investors, landing big deals, taking truck loads of orders through their website, and generally #DoingBusinessLikeABoss.

Confident Productpreneur’s are the ones you see achieving the massive sales growth. And typically they don’t spend time thinking about what their competition is up to – they’re too busy chasing their own dream to worry about anyone else.

TIP: if you’re not a Confident Productpreneur – this is a skill you can learn!

How do you become the confident, goal-kicking, super-sales-generating Productpreneur?

Answer: The fastest way is to learn from another confident, goal-kicking, super-sales-generating Productpreneur!

If you have a strong vision, a dream for your business that you’re determined to realise, the rest you can learn.

Anyone can achieve massive sales growth like Kylie from Cheeky Wipes Australia

Kylie used to be a Frantic Productpreneur, and it was holding her back from experiencing growth and profitability in her business.

By learning how to put a customer attraction and sales system in place, Kyle has become much more focused and efficient with her time. Making every working minute count has helped remove much of the stress and overwhelm from her days.

And she’s experienced significant growth! With some help focusing on the things in her business that make the biggest difference, learning how to make smart, strategic decisions, she grew her first quarter sales by over 60%!

This image here shows only the website sales and excludes expo and wholesale sales (both of which also grew).

Client experienced over 60% sales growth for the quarter

The best part?

Kylie did not have to work harder or longer hours in order to achieve this growth, AND her sales are continuing to grow as the year progresses!

Want to learn how she did it?

Then let’s talk. My super-power is teaching Productpreneurs how to become their best, confident, goal-kicking, sales-generating selves.

And the results truly do speak for themselves.

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