Month: March 2024

  • Is It Amazing Yet? Why You Should Go Slow to Grow Fast!

    Is your business amazing yet? What do you need to do to get to Amazing? This past month has felt a bit chaotic and unpredictable, with things like Afterpay Day promo being a massive high, and then a bunch of changes on the Meta Ads platform destabilising ads. And I know a few of you […]

  • How To Set Your Profitable Wholesale Price List

    “How to price your products” is a question I get asked all the time, particularly when it comes to wholesale. Actually, I get asked this question in regards to retail a lot too. For those of you productpreneurs who are designing and manufacturing your own product invention, pricing can be a particularly troublesome beast! So […]

  • How To Maximise Your Return On Effort & Grow Your Business Faster

    Do you feel like you’re working your butt off but getting nowhere fast? Like, you’re so busy all the time you could not possibly work any harder or longer hours than you already are. I want to talk about the concept of Return On Effort. Not Return On Investment, but Effort. How can you get […]

  • 4 Game-Changing Ways to Gain Massive Brand Growth

    4 Game Changing Ways to Gain Massive Brand Growth

    It’s often the case that entrepreneurs launch their brands feeling as though they’ve done the hard work by actually getting their product to launch.  But while designing and manufacturing a product and getting it to market is no small feat, the real hard work of growing a business is yet to happen. Building an audience. […]

  • 7 Steps to Design a High Converting Website Navigation

    7 Steps to Design a High Converting Website Navigation

    One of the most critical elements of a high converting eCommerce website is the navigation. We know, statistically, that providing customers with a great website user experience is hugely impactful on conversions. With an intuitive navigation, your customers can quickly find what they’re looking for. Additionally, with more than 70% of website visitors now on […]

  • Our Top 5 SEO Marketing Trends for eCommerce in 2024

    Our Top 5 SEO Trends for eCommerce Brands in 2024

    While the ultimate aim of an eCommerce business is to generate revenue, the name of the game is TRAFFIC. A solid SEO marketing strategy can generate consistent, FREE traffic for your online store. Without traffic first, without getting eyeballs onto your website, nothing else matters and your business will remain the world’s best kept secret. […]

  • 7 Genius Marketing Strategies from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

    7 Genius Marketing Strategies from Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

    What Lessons Can We Learn From The Marketing Of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour? With all this hype and media coverage around Taylor Swift’s Downunder Tour it got us thinking about the marketing for such mania. Did you know that the average Swiftie fan wasn’t just attending a concert, but embarking on a full-blown adventure? With […]

  • The Revenue Growth Modelling Method That Leads To Guaranteed Results

    One of the hardest things when it comes to planning for growth, is estimating your future revenue and setting goals around how much you’ll grow month on month and year on year. Business owners and leaders crave predictable, profitable growth. But, most people who have been in business for even a short while, know from […]