Month: February 2024

  • How To Market Your Brand Like Taylor Swift On Tour

    With all this hype and media coverage around Taylor Swift’s Downunder Tour, and with all the records this tour has smashed in terms of ticket sales and revenue, it got us thinking about the marketing for such mania.  Did you know that the average Swiftie fan wasn’t just attending a concert, but embarking on a […]

  • “My Facebook ads suck! How can I get more people buying?”

    You need to get more clicks on your Facebook ads… People struggle with their social media ads ALL. THE. TIME. And I get it. I think I know where you are right now. I know the hard work you’ve put in, the anticipation you’ve felt, the days, weeks, months of hustle. Not to mention, the […]

  • Simple Website Navigation Fixes That Boost Your Conversion Rate

    One of the most critical elements of a high converting eCommerce website is the navigation. We know, statistically, that providing customers with a great website user experience is hugely impactful on conversions. With an intuitive navigation, your customers can quickly find what they’re looking for. Additionally, with more than 70% of website visitors now on […]

  • How I Personally Design Growth Strategies That Make Millions

    Most eCommerce brands that are struggling to grow right now are stuck because they’re making this one critical error: They don’t have the right, over-arching growth strategy in place. It’s not that these brands aren’t implementing some marketing strategies… They’re usually implementing a bunch of tactics like email marketing, posting content on socials, maybe spending […]

  • Drive Ecommerce Growth Through SEO in an AI-Powered World

    While the ultimate aim of an eCommerce business is to generate revenue, the name of the game is TRAFFIC. Without traffic first, without getting eyeballs onto your website, nothing else matters and your business will remain the world’s best kept secret. But, not all traffic is equal and getting quality traffic at a profit is […]

  • How We Doubled One Brand’s Customers On Autopilot

    How We Doubled One Brand’s Customers On Autopilot

    On average, eCommerce websites convert at 2-3%, whilst average revenue per website visitor varies from brand to brand. Lately, I’ve been auditing a number of eCommerce businesses who are desperately trying to grow their revenue and profits, to make and keep more money in their business. But they not only don’t know these metrics, or […]