eCommerce retail has grown at a tremendous rate over the last 18 months. Covid has ensured consumers have had to do as much shopping online as possible!

This has also meant more retailers are moving their business online, so the added competition has made it MUCH harder to stand out from the crowd.

How do we then appeal to our audience? How do we get people to even know we exist?

In this Blog, I talk about 12 really important trends that are happening right now so you can stand out from your competition, win more new customers and keep them coming back again and again!

Virtual Reality

Using really simple tools and apps can allow your customers to ‘try it on before they buy’ – but virtually! For example, our client Babiators has what is essentially an Instagram filter that shows the sunglasses on a photo of the customer so they can see what they would look like wearing the product.

User Generated Content

Customers like to see other punters ‘just like them’ using your products and loving them. So you want to collect things like video testimonials, unboxing videos or even just product demonstration videos, from your best customers. (Images are great too, but video is better!)

Offer multiple payment options

The options for Buy Now Pay Later have multiplied in recent years. Customers now expect at least a couple of these options, plus you still need to offer standard Credit Card and PayPal options.

Be Sustainable

Following sustainable business practices is now an expectation, not a nice-to-have.

There’s a big swing in the consumer base for people to spend money according to their personal values.

Read the Room

With so much of the world living through difficult times at the moment, business owners need to consider how they’re engaging and communicating with our audience.

We’re in the unique position to be able to connect with our audience who are maybe stuck at home and unable to go to the shops or to work.

People being in lockdown doesn’t mean they don’t want to receive your marketing or buy from you – but do be considerate.

Fulfilment Efficiencies

With the huge surge in eCommerce retail comes an increased need for order picking and packing.

Not to mention an increased demand on parcel post and courier services!

Having efficient fulfilment systems and processes and reliable delivery methods in place will be THE thing that enables (or limits) your growth.

Email Marketing Still Rules

Email marketing is more important now, in the 2nd half of 2021, than it’s ever been. Especially since the Apple iOS 14 update that limits our ability to track consumer behaviour and collect data on our customers.

Using email marketing platforms like Klaviyo enables us to collect “1st party data” – essentially plugging the gap left by less-effective pixel tracking.

Artificial Intelligence

Klaviyo’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities give us the predictive data we need in order to send the most relevant offers and content to our customers.

Personalising our communications will always convert better and generate higher ROI than broadcasting the same homogenous message to everyone.

Mobile Commerce

The volume of customers now browsing and placing orders on their phone has increased astronomically.

In fact, many consumers don’t have computers or laptops anymore, they just have a phone!

So making sure your website offers an equal, if not better user experience on mobile, is essential.

Multi-Channel Ad Strategy

Paid advertising is always going to offer you the most scalable way to generate more traffic and sales.

But gone are the days when you can get away with advertising just on one platform. The recent Apple iOS 14 update and the subsequent impact on advertising on Facebook has made it abundantly clear how risky a single-channel ad strategy can be.

Whilst you may begin with mastering paid ads on one channel initially, you must diversify to other channels as soon as you can.

Build Community

As I mentioned above – evidence now shows that consumers want to spend money with brands that align with their personal values.

And they’re also looking to engage with those brands. To have conversations with the people behind the brands, and form an authentic connection with them.

This does take time, but the benefits pay off as customers are more likely to buy from a brand they know, like and trust.

And engaged customers are also more likely to refer their friends, and to come back again and again themselves.

Hang out with like-minded people

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