Trying to stand out in the newsfeed or inbox is a challenge for brands at the best of times…

But try capturing your audience’s attention during the festive season? Sooo much harder to get noticed!

In the final quarter of the year, it’s really important to use visual cues to help you capture attention, stand out from the crowd, and convey your marketing messages.

With the right creatives, you’ll ensure your social media content, ads and emails get the reach and cut-through a busy newsfeed or inbox.

And ultimately, you’ll inspire customers with a reason to purchase.

Read on for 11 creative ideas to boost your marketing this festive season

11 Creative Content Ideas To Boost Your Festive Marketing

1. Get your readers into the holiday spirit

Decorating your newsletter template for the holidays helps to get your readers into the holiday spirit.

It’s a reminder of the joy and festivities that are coming, and it helps them to think about what they may need during the season.

Chances are, they might not know exactly what they’re going to buy yet. That’s when your emails can come in handy and serve as inspiration!

2. Create a branded email template

Create a duplicate of your current branded email template that you can decorate it for the season.

This ensures that you retain all your current branding elements so as to not look too dissimilar to what your audience is already familiar with.

3. Add holiday themed colours

Add holiday themed colours that compliment your brand colours.

Dress up your website and EDMs for the holidays by going outside of your typical brand colour palette by using colours that are a little more festive, but still on brand.

Tip: Google “colour wheel” to see what colours compliment your brand colours.

4. Add fun holiday fonts

Add fun holiday fonts that compliment your brand.

Use a cheerful font to create an email campaign that compliments your current branding, but don’t overuse it or completely replace all of your brand fonts.

Tip: Get free fonts from these sites:,

5. Use animated gifs

Adding GIFS to your emails and socials instantly makes them lively, quirky, and above all, more visually

engaging than static images.

Tip: Make your own gifs using these sites:,,

6. Use free stock images

Add a festive feel to your website, socials and emails with the best free stock photos that fit your brand vibe.

Tip: Find free stock images on these sites:,

7. Create on-brand imagery

Create your very own festive imagery or videos that showcases your product and captures more attention from shoppers.

Use decorative props and backgrounds you have on hand to do so!

8. All-in-one gifting photo

Display multiple gift ideas in a well-laid out photo collage flat lay.

These images succeed because the items are arranged neatly; it’s simple and elegant AND festive.

Reuse your image for emails, social media posts, website banner.

Tip: Try also capturing a video of you arranging the flat lay to use as a speed-up video for stories/ads.

9. Show your shortlist with an animated GIF

GIFs really are an effective way to not only catch readers’ eyes and appeal to design-savvy subscribers, but also to show multiple

products without taking up too much real estate in an email.

Like the all-in-on gifting flat lay, this is a good way to display multiple products without taking up too much room. Reuse these in

emails, ads and socials.

10. Use typography to make an instant impact

The use of typography can be a powerful tool in making an instant impact on your customers.

It should help them understand the nature and quality for their purchase as soon they open up emails or visit websites with clear messages about festive specials that are happening now!

Tip: Get free fonts from these sites:,

11. Show behind-the-scenes

Going behind the scenes with video or imagery can show off what makes your business special is a wonderful way to showcase authenticity and trust.

Some ideas: End of year team photo; Packing an order; Show off your office/warehouse; New Product? Share a Sneak Peek!

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