If you want to launch, grow and scale a profitable eCommerce brand, you’re in the right place…


to create profit in your eCommerce business?

These days there is a plethora of expert advice available, designed to help you grow a successful online business.

Like me, I’m sure you’ve noticed much of it is targeted towards service-based businesses – consultants, information-sellers, software-as-a-service.

Not so much for us Productpreneurs, though, is there?

Yet selling physical products, and building a brand around a physical product, is a different game with its own unique challenges.

Rather than sift through the zillions of ideas and try to figure out how to apply them to your own business, why not learn from someone who has already walked a mile in your shoes?

Nothing beats real world experience. And I have it in spades.

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What’s the next step that will take your ecommerce business to the next profitable level?

When you are deep in the day to day tasks of keeping your product-based business afloat it’s hard to know exactly where you should focus your efforts for future growth to achieve your business goals.  

Catherine shares her knowledge and experience for creating a scalable product-based ecommerce business without the ongoing hustle.  

From sales automation to nailing your new product launch, irresistible Facebook advertising to creating a slick website that converts, each week Catherine shares bite-sized morsels of practical information that can be easily implemented to increase profitability and get you well on your way to growing your personal empire. 

Here’s how I can help

Build your eCommerce brand into a lucrative empire…


90 days to systemise and automate your eCommerce sales. Skyrocket your website traffic and sales; Automate your sales using my 3 proven email funnels, and Craft highly profitable Facebook ads using my winning eCommerce ad strategy.


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Get your hands on our range of eCommerce planning, marketing, business growth and mindset tools! Tried and tested by yours truly and ready to make a difference in your business.

Just want a team of experts to implement your profitable eCommerce sales and marketing systems?

My digital marketing agency, Productpreneur Marketing, is a team of eCommerce experts ready to take your online store to the next level.

We specialise in Facebook advertising, email funnels and Shopify websites.

  • “In only 8 months, I’ve already done 10x last year’s sales! And even better, I’ve been able to quit my part-time job.”

    Laura Klein, Snotty Noses
  • “The places you have taken my business, I could have only dreamed of, I owe my success to you! The things you’ve taught me have taken me from a tiny little brand to a 7 figure business.”

    Vicki Simpson, Bubblebubs
  • “Thank you so much for your amazing services and friendly welcoming community. It was the best decision to be connected with you and it will help our continued success with the amazing website and tools we now have.”

    Tanya Stanley, Beetanicals
  • “In the time I worked with Catherine my sales increased immediately. In the first twelve months sales jumped 400%. In the four years since, my monthly sales have always grown steadily.”

    Erin Dunstone, RAWr Nappies
  • “Signing up to Catherine’s program was the best decision I made. My monthly sales are almost 3 times higher compared to last year. This is the best program specifically designed for eCommerce business owners who want to scale their business.”

    Diana Swadling, Milkbar Breastpumps
  • “I can honestly say if you are wanting to fast-track your business growth and success do not waste time with trial and error, you need someone with experience to take you there, and Productpreneur Marketing is exactly who you need!”

    Malou Villarreal, Baby Loves Sleep
  • “I’ve been so pleased to work with the Productpreneur Marketing revamping my Shopify website and eCommerce marketing, and the results are just amazing. I saw an increase in traffic and sales immediately, with steady sales growth month on month every since!”

    Wendy Siu-Chew Lee
  • “My website conversion rate is up by 13%, and revenue has grown by 160%!”

    Jodi Swift, Swik Home Body
  • “We’ve had 562% increase in sales and 43% increase in conversion rate this year. Beyond happy!”

    Corrina Lyndsay, Bird On The Hill Designs
  • “Since working with Catherine on our online marketing strategies our sales have increased substantially as has our website conversion rate. Catherine is great to work with, goes over and above what is required and nothing is ever too much trouble!”

    Sharon Thurin, Director, Slim Secrets

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