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And if you landed on my little slice of the Internet, you’re probably an eCommerce business owner (or flirting with the idea of becoming one…), perhaps looking for an Ecommerce Marketing Specialist to help you grow…

So come on in, kick off your shoes, and grab my fan-favourite free “Business Booster” resource below to start growing a highly profitable online store!

Digital marketing specialist for eCommerce stores


I’ve been where you are…

Throwing free content on social media like spaghetti on the wall…

Hustling in free groups to get your brand seen… 

Attempting to run advertising to get traffic and sales…

The return on effort (let alone investment) hardly seems worth it!

Let’s face it. Even on a good day, building a successful eCommerce business ain’t easy. The less good days? They can be pretty overwhelming… 

So what’s the next step that will take your ecommerce brand to the next level?

That’s where you need the help of a talented marketing specialist to help you short-cut the learning curve and get to growth – fast! 

Bringing well over 20 years’ experience in all things eCommerce and digital marketing, I’m here to share all my scaling secrets, from getting profitable traffic, to sales automation, to nailing your new product launch, to running irresistible advertising, and creating a website that converts.

If you want to launch and grow a profitable eCommerce brand, you’re in the right place…


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Scale My Ecommerce Store Podcast


What’s the next step that will take your ecommerce business to the next profitable level?

When you are deep in the day to day tasks of keeping your product-based business afloat it’s hard to know exactly where you should focus your efforts for future growth to achieve your business goals.  

Catherine is a digital marketing specialist who shares her knowledge and experience for creating a scalable product-based ecommerce business without the ongoing hustle.  

From sales automation to nailing your new product launch, irresistible digital advertising to creating a slick website that converts, each week Catherine shares bite-sized morsels of practical information that can be easily implemented to increase profitability and get you well on your way to growing your eCommerce empire.

Here’s how we can help

Build your eCommerce brand into a lucrative empire…


The #1 Australian coaching program for eCommerce business owners who want a personalised approach and hands-on support.

With guaranteed results, take your business to the next level with the knowledge, resources and support of a team of eCommerce professionals.

Done For You

Just want a team of marketing specialists to design and implement your profitable sales & marketing systems?
Our digital marketing agency, Productpreneur Marketing, is a team of eCommerce experts ready to take your online store to the next level.
We specialise in marketing planning, Shopify website design, paid advertising, Klaviyo email marketing and more.

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